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The Pseudonym
I gained my first online presence back in 1996. At the time, I was looking for a unique online identifier by which I could be known. My given name isn't a particularly common one, however, in a global meeting-place, there is a useful need for an identifier which is genuinely unique.
Rather than taking an existing word, or inventing a word, I took the approach of combining two words which (loosely) described my background. I am politically left-of-centre, so "Red" seemed like a good choice. I am also of Scottish descent (and familiar with history) so chose the 2nd word of "Celt" to reflect my heritage.
I did some searches to establish that it wasn't already being used. This was in the days before Google (and, I think, Yahoo), so a search engine called AltaVista answered my question for me. I have since been known (online) as Red Celt.
I avoid (wherever possible) using my given name online. Instead, I use this pseudonym. This isn't a means of creating anonymity - quite the reverse, as I uniquely use this identifier online, so that every word I type can be tracked back to me and nobody else.
After some earlier attempts with existant fonts, I've since created my own. This (along with my logo) identify me online. I'm quite happy with both.
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