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The Logo
In 2000, I registered the domain name and used it for hosting various personal projects. Over the course of time, those projects were shelved, retired and put on hold as more-pressing (real life) commitments took precedence. One year, when the domain name was due to be renewed, I let it slip back into the public domain until such a time as I was ready to use it once more.
When such a time occurred, I was more than a little surprised to find that someone else was using it. That person had taken the pseudonym of "Red Celt" and was using the domain name for their own site. Now, I was a tad peeved about that. Not that I somehow claimed ownership of the name, but that someone had claimed it as their own without at least searching for previous ownership of the name (a step that I had taken back in 1996).
Since that time, from time to time, when registering on various websites, I have had to use alternative names as "Red Celt" had already been claimed. One (or more) people continue to use it, depriving its original owner of that opportunity.
In order to reclaim a level of uniqueness for the identity, I decided to create a visual identifier: a logo owned by no other.
Taking visual cues from the individual words, I took the star of Communist symbolism and fashioned it into a celtic circle. The resulting logo is, in effect, a visual pun: the star of Red Russia and the Celt of entwined knotwork.
With this in mind (and to repeat the answers to questions I've had more than once) I am not a Communist. I am also not into witchcraft, although (as a footnote) it is worth mentioning that I do embrace the Wiccan Rede: an it harm none, do what ye will.
As I write this is available for the purchase price of $2,988... the next copycat had better be a wealthy one.

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