Photograph Restoration
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Contact me
If you are interested in having your photograph digitally restored, you will need access to a flatbed scanner in order to transfer it to me by email.
I will then examine the photograph and offer an estimate for the amount of time that it will require. As you can appreciate, the level of damage will vary significantly and a simple static cost will not reflect that variance.
The cost is estimated at £10 per hour (the minimum charge) with subsequent work valued per half hour, in £5 increments. If you agree to the initial estimation, the work will be carried out and a watermarked copy produced for your perusal. Upon full payment, the restored (unwatermarked) copy will be emailed back to you, ready for processing at your chosen local photograph production store.
With the digital image, you will be able to produce as many copies as you so desire, for yourself or for any other family members or friends who would also appreciate the restored image. I will also archive all images, should you suffer from a loss of data at a future point.
As this is a hobby, rather than a business, the preferred means of payment would be via Amazon vouchers. Full details will be given prior to the final delivery of the restored photograph.
To contact me with any enquiries, please send an email to