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Back in 2007, the UK celebrity version of Endemol’s Big Brother caused a controversy regarding racist comments. It made big news, causing Gordon Brown to comment on the situation. Subsequently, the following non-celebrity version of Big Brother was more than a little anxious to avoid a repeat of the situation. Big Brother got all serious when the show’s participants entered the realms of discriminatory conduct and behaviour.
One white contestant was reprimanded for saying “nigger” to a black contestant during faux-ghetto conversation. Another was reprimanded for using the word “poof”. Discrimination was being carefully controlled. Except, it wasn’t. The day after the “poof” incident, two women were sat in the bedroom talking about men. Men, apparently, were all (among other things) liars, cheats and undeserving of anything resembling consideration. Now… as a man, I kinda took offence at being labelled so unambiguously due to something as arbitrary as a condition of birth. The women weren’t reprimanded by Big Brother. If the word “men” had been replaced by “blacks” or “gays” they most certainly would have been.
Sexism, it seems, is only bad when it happens against one of the genders.
Now. You may well argue that, over many generations (over thousands of years) women have been subjected to sexism and that when it is returned, we can have no good reason to complain. Except, that sexism was committed by people other than me. The guilt of the father becomes the guilt of the son? Seriously? So, when my mother’s egg was fertilised, the sheer chance of an XY chromosome pairing determined whether I was an oppressor, rather than the oppressed? I’m somehow guilty of all of the sins committed by people who share my gender?
If you look down at a newborn baby boy and think “you evil little bastard” then there’s something seriously wrong with your mind. A person should be judged by the acts that they commit during their life, not by the acts of people that (by sheer chromosomal chance) share their gender.
This anti-male meme has become prevalent in recent years, courtesy of ardent feminism. By “ardent” I mean feminism that, rather than stopping at the border when fighting for women’s rights, continues against male rights. The fight for justice and equality for women was long-overdue and much needed. It was a fight against a patriarchy that had existed (in the West) largely due to the misogyny of Christian thinking. The war has been won. What remains is a series of battles which need to be maintained in order for dinosaur thinking to be eradicated for true, pure, equality.
But equality cannot be found by being anti-male. That is something other than equality, and is as wrong in one direction as it is the other.
Feminism’s time is at an end. Let us instead embrace humanism, fighting for actual equality – regardless of birth differences, be they gender, race or sexual attraction. The humanist fight is a far-reaching one, with many instances of unnecessary segregation where differences (attributed at birth) become barriers in instances where barriers are unhelpful, rather than helpful. It is a fight that can best be made by people of all genders, races and sexual attraction.
Some instances (already mentioned) include SheThoughtLWDS and HerCampus. Because, yes, they are as sexist as HeThought, GWDS and HisCampus – all of which (thankfully) can’t be linked as they don’t exist… and if they did, I’d be haranguing their existence with the same level of depressed intolerance.
Humanism. Please.
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