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Moral Equality
You find yourself in a maternity ward, surrounded by occupied cots; and you don't know what country you are in. Some of the babies are white and some of the babies are black. They are an assortment of both genders, but they are clothed and you are unable to differentiate the two. Later in life, some of them will be heterosexual, while others will be homosexual. But, again, that difference is unknown to you.
Now, given that you are in an unknown country and you have no way of knowing which skin colour belongs to the dominant ruling class... let me ask you a question; which of those infants has more worth than the rest of them?
Moral egalitarianism is a concept that isn't held by all people and, for such people, I would be interested to know how they would provide an answer to that question.
For those who do hold to an egalitarian ethos, the question cannot be asked with any expectation of a meaningful answer. We are, at birth, all of equal worth. The inequalities come later on, provided by society and individuals within that society - exacerbating long-held injustices which, over time, have been lessening but which (sadly) still exist.
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