Nov 222010

Someone once said to me that society basically exists around a basis of the notion that “if you don’t try to kill me, I won’t try to kill you”. The idea of killing can be spread to theft and any other concept which involves one person behaving in an ill manner to their societal neighbour. It is a simple concept, yet a very true one.

The idea has been around for as long as (recorded) ideas have been around and has been mentioned by every great thinker in humanity’s long history. In early Christianity, it was voiced in a way that you will (most likely) be familiar with it; Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. The idea has become known as the Golden Rule.

As powerful as the GR is, it is sadly incomplete in such a simple formula. If someone were to punch you in the face, the GR would have it that you do nothing in return. Self-defence and (more importantly) retribution is totally absent. The GR is totally devoid of anything resembling justice. In society, justice is more than a little important. Without justice, nobody would want to use the GR – unless they believe in a divine justice meted out in other ways, whether in this life or the next.

In the absence of an after-life, the philosophy I use is the MGR (Modified Golden Rule) whereby people are treated with kindness up until the point where they cease to do likewise. This is a version of non-divine karma; bad people have bad things done to them.

Not particulary happy with the MGR being an actual rule, rather than a guideline (plenty of people reject the idea that rules should apply to them as they’re [hippy-mode=ON]not part of the system… man[hippy-mode=OFF]) nor the clumsiness of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you up until such a time as they cease to do likewise”, I simplified the concept into the Notion of Deserved Consideration (NDC). The notion is that you show consideration to those who deserve consideration, so long as they deserve such a thing. Those showed consideration should include yourself.

As I’ve shared this concept with others, it has also picked up the subtitle of “Treat dicks like dicks”.

So, if you see me treating someone like a dick, you will know that the treatment has been earned, not arbitrarily assigned. If you think that I am a dick – then you can be assured that you, yourself, are a dick. Or you have dickish friends, who you don’t like being treated like dicks. Which gains you bonus points for your loyalty, whilst also losing you bonus points for having dicks as friends.

I’m always polite to non-dicks.

Unless they become dicks.

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