Jun 082013

This blog has been very un-blog-like since its inception. Rather than a regular outpouring of opinions about random things that are happening (to me, or to the world in general) it has been more of an article-based output; articles which try to look at the bigger picture, isolated from the day-to-day events which change our lives and are picked up by the 24-hour news cycle.

Well, now I’ll be trying to use this blog as an actual blog. I’ve moved all of the articles to their own site (www.redcelt.net), where they’ll be accompanied by further entries (as and when I can be arsed). They will remain “big picture”, while here, I’ll resort to silly things that will act as a slightly-verbose Twitter feed. 140 characters just aren’t enough for me.

Then again, I don’t really use Twitter that much, so don’t expect a huge outpouring on here, either.

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