Nov 202010

The Queen of Bad Thinking continues to live up to her name. An ad hominem is to attack the person instead of their position. Attacking them as well as their position isn’t ad hominem.

1. You’re an idiot.
2. A is not equal to B because A is equal to C and C is not equal to B… you idiot.

1 is ad hominem 2 is not ad hominem. It’s insulting, but sometimes insults are deserved. Anybody who disagrees with that sentiment should perhaps (as an example) stop referring to David Icke as the King of Bullshit, if they are unhappy about their own flaws earning them a title.

She is also claiming that my post was censored due to privately-delivered personal insults. This is not true. Trystan Swale (co-presenter of Righteous Indignation) incorrectly claimed that I was making accusations about the leaking of personal information, suggesting that those accusations somehow excused the censorship.

1. This isn’t true.
2. Even if it were true, it doesn’t excuse the censorship.

I was asking questions and (privately) airing suspicions. I didn’t make any accusations. The difference between a suspicion and an accusation isn’t a small one. Trystan’s failure was with logic and poor judgement, finding fault where no fault existed. Standing up for a friend is something to be admired; however, if your friend is in the wrong then so are you.

Edit: The Queen of Bad Thinking has left a comment on a forum that I can read, but can’t reply to. The ad hominem reference, I already covered. The complaint of censorship, whilst leaving this blog comment-disabled… the RI forum is a public forum, for listeners to the podcast to contribute. Being removed from a public forum and having your words removed – that’s censoring. Not being able to reply to a non-public blog isn’t censorship. You have your own mediums to express yourself, uncensored. I have mine. Whether I allow/disallow comments to be added isn’t censorship, but a lack of a right-to-reply in this, solitary, non-public non-forum.

Both of those points were tweeted to you, Hayley. Could you try thinking for yourself, from time to time? I’m not generally hateful. I treat dicks like dicks.

The thread became a huge discussion and debate and ended with me being called sexist and the poster in question sending Trystan what I gather were quite rude posts and accusations in private (which led to another admin banning said poster.) – Hayley Stevens, Queen of Bad Thinking

An interesting version of events. They say that if you tell a lie often enough, you start to believe it to be true. Perhaps the “what I gather” and “quite rude posts” are seen as justification for a group applying censorship due to a difference of opinion… and not, for instance, quite rude posts. That same group having a headline of “Fight for Free Speech!” on November 10th. Perhaps it was a short-lived ideal. There were no rude posts, btw. Even if you stretch the word “quite” to its absolute limits.

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