Nov 202010

As with every diary I’ve ever been bought, my blog got used for the first few days and weeks… with the rest of it being left as a great desert of emptiness. Whether empty pages or unproduced blog posts, I’ve always lacked the impetus to record my thoughts on a regular basis.

Why bother? Thoughts and personality change on a regular basis. With a diary, how interesting is it (ultimately) to have a record of the sort of person you were many years ago? You are directly related to who that person was – yet they are not you and you are not them.

An ancient Greek named Heraclitus once said that we cannot step into the same river twice. The obvious (and most readily-understood) part of that statement is that the river is constantly changing, with the water around your feet never being the same during a repeat visit. The additional message is that the person entering the stream has also changed. We change from day to day, from second to second, as our neurons flow into different (but related) patterns.

The river changes; as do we.

So I’ve never been a huge advocate of diary-keeping. So what about blogs? Well, blogs don’t just record who we are and what we’re thinking. They can be used to advertise our thoughts amongst a greater audience than any (unpublished) diary was ever meant to. It’s in the outside world, open to all… rather than hidden at the back of our sock drawer.

Lately, I’ve been more and more eager to have a voice that can be advertised – in a forum that is in the control of me, uncensored by anyone but me. So I’ve returned to this wastrel of a blog to do just that.

Let’s see how long I last this time.

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