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Welcome to the home of Red Celt, purveyor of online thought. These pages contain the contents of some of my mindset about some of the issues which matter to me. Which isn't to say that nothing else matters to me (although the list of things in my "doesn't matter to me" list isn't a small one), however my thoughts are so well aligned with existing thinkers that it makes little sense to repeat them almost verbatim.
Of course, some thoughts that I do share are not uniquely held by me - however, they are a collection of important (to me) elements that share a common theme.
Amongst all of the irks (that drive this particular grumpy old man) in life, two criteria are omnipresent: the relative absence of rationality and/or consideration. If humanity was more rational and considerate, I would be in my own version of Utopia - and it would take so very little collective effort in order to achieve it.
The possibility of reaching that Utopian ideal or (more achievably) giving the rest of mankind a gentle shuffle in that appropriate direction... is the reason why I'm contributing my thoughts to a website so that people like you can ignore me or learn from me. Or mock me. All is good. If I'm wrong about anything, I'd be happier to be proven wrong so that, in future, I'm a very little less wrong - generally-speaking.
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